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Tips For Renting St. Louis, Missouri Apartments After Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy provides relief from overwhelming debt, allowing you to get your finances back on track again. Unfortunately, renting an apartment in St. Louis, Missouri with a bankruptcy on your credit report can be a little bit challenging. The good news is, there are some steps that you can take to improve your chances of getting a landlord to approve your application.

Your first objective should be to make yourself as attractive as possible to potential landlords. For instance, if you can show them that you have steady income and that you have been at the same job for a long period of time, they may be willing to overlook a recent bankruptcy.

Some landlords even view bankruptcies as being somewhat of a positive thing. After your debt is discharged, you have a lot more disposable income. From a landlord’s perspective, this additional income should make it easier for you to pay rent, making you a more attractive tenant. Put together a budget showing how much money you have available for rent each month. If you can show potential landlords that you have plenty of disposable income, they may be open to the idea of giving you a break.

You may also want to put together a letter explaining the underlying cause of your bankruptcy. For instance, if you had to file for bankruptcy because of a divorce or because of an unexpected job loss, write down the circumstances surrounding your case. If you can prove to a landlord that it was a one-time problem that is unlikely to occur again in the future, they will generally be more willing to rent to you.

If you are already renting a place and have always been on time with your payments, you can also share that information with potential landlords. Being able to present prospective landlords with receipts showing that you have always been on time with your rent can go a long way toward making you a more attractive tenant in their eyes.

After filing for bankruptcy, the process of renting an apartment in St. Louis, Missouri becomes a little bit more difficult. Even though you may have to jump through a few extra hoops, however, you generally shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a place to live. It is all about finding ways to show potential landlords that you have steady income, that you are responsible, and that your bankruptcy was a one-time event.

Tips for Finding a Good House In St. Louis Missouri

Most of the people hunting for a good house in St. Louis Missouri often get swept away by the charming details of a house such as an attractive front porch instead of considering some important stuff such as the pricing of the house. What these people don’t know is that it is the important things that help you make a wise decision when looking for a good house. Having said that, here are tips to help you find a home that will suit your needs:

Set your priorities
Before you start the process of hunting for a house in St. Louis Missouri, write down everything you want in a home. Once you have completed the list of must-haves, choose your top three or top five features that the home you want to buy must have. This priorities list will help you avoid being swayed by charming features and help your stay on track.

Create a comparison chart
After seeing many houses, it can be difficult to keep track of all the features each of them has. A comparison chart or checklist can help you avoid such a problem. Ensure that you make notes on every house you tour. The notes should include things such as baths, beds, the condition of the roof, storage space, natural light in every room and so on. This chart should guide your decision making and shouldn’t substitute a home inspection.

Bring furniture measurements
When looking for a home, you need to choose one that will comfortably fit your furniture. If the rooms of a house you want to buy present problems with the furniture you have, you will be forced to spend thousands of dollars buying new furniture. Therefore, bringing furniture measurements will help you choose a home that will fit your furniture.

Check out the house at different times of day
Checking out the property at different times of day will enable you to notice changes in light and the atmosphere in the neighborhood. Do kids play outside in the evening? Is the neighborhood noisy at a certain time? If you check out the house you want to buy at different times of day, you will notice different things and make a wise decision.

Open the cupboards and closets
Storage is an important factor to consider when looking for a good house. Check the number and size of closets and cupboards the house you want to buy has and don’t be afraid to peek inside. In case the current homeowner has them packed to the gills, it may indicate that the house does not have enough storage for its size.