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Take business names for granted

Think about it. How much thought do you give, on a daily basis, to your name? It’s the unique and creative moniker you are known by and called by several times per day by family, friends, co-workers, without one thought to how your name was created.

Yet, someone-most likely one parent or both-took the time to select a name based on fluctuating criteria that most likely included family tradition, something that sounded good, or a name that seemed to ‘fit’ you, based on your parent’s assessment of your infant personality.

The question is: Do you like your name? Do you think it describes who you are, accurately?

There were deciding factors in creating your name, and it is no different when taking steps to create a business or brand name. We think nothing of McDonald’s, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Apple, Publix, as the business names roll off our tongues, and we visit and buy products and services because of the recognition of these popular corporate business names, on a weekly or daily basis.

And, in the United States and abroad, the trend of brand naming or product identification with one word is not something entirely new, either. There is Izod, named for designer Izod Lacoste; Tommy from designer Tommy Hilfiger; food examples like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; and celebrities like Oprah, Madonna and Bjrk.

But the time put into creating, crafting and branding a catchy business name is much more intense than the creation of your own name, and it includes many variables that you might not think of on your own.

In this ever-changing world marketplace, you need the right tools to ensure your business name search is successful and the first-and most important-is selecting a great business name.

Depending upon what you read, or who you talk to, there are several ways to create a business name that is right for you.

Naming a business by yourself can work for you, and that’s a viable option. However, just as you would not perform surgery on yourself, but hire a physician skilled in surgery, trusting a corporate naming company will help you navigate the legal maze of trademarks and copyrights, along with having the expertise available to you, concerning the right name choices.