Domain Name

Picking a good Domain Name makes more chances

Once you have a name, it’s time to coordinate the name with an available Website or Domain.

The rule of thumb is to try and make your business name the same name for your Website, if possible.

Here are some tips on finding the right Website and domain for your company:

Keep it short –Though domain names are allowed up to 67 characters, keep it as short as possible, for Web surfers to keep it in their memory.

Make it memorable – If you cannot use your business name as your domain or Website name, then make it a memorable, easy-to-spell name, but one that reflects your company.

Decide on an extension – Depending on whether your business is a local one or a country-specific business, it will determine what domain name is best for you. A local flower shop, for instance, would fare better with a country-specific domain, like a (If we are talking about the United Kingdom), instead of, which is an extension that is more of a US or international site.

Check domain availability – Search Network Solution’s WHOIS database, to determine if your domain name is available.

Register your domain – Select the right company-and there are many-that can register and host your domain.